Jim Tucker Metal Works is owned and operated by Jim Tucker. The doors opened in 1999 and has shown continued success since the start. Even today in this struggling economy, the business is busier than ever. Clearly there is still a demand for an accomplished “Metal Man” like Jim Tucker. The business began 12 years ago but there is a lifetime of experience involved in making Jim Tucker Metal Works what it is today.

As a child Jim enjoyed building anything he could get his hands on. He built motorized tri-cycles, wagons, and bikes with his friends and later graduated from high school with a degree in industrial occupations and a major in metal works. A year before graduating high school Jim started working as a painter’s helper at Colonial Coach Works in the Valley and at that point he started building hotrods and complete restorations in his garage. Jim continued working in the collision industry for 30 years as a body repair man and a painter. His biggest influence was a family friend and neighbor; Ed Harding. Ed worked as a Metal Shop teacher at Sylmar High and was always challenging Jim with new projects. They were always working on something together; whether it was on a hotrod or a race car that they were getting ready for the El Mirage Dry Lakes.

Jim later got married and started a family in the Santa Clarita Valley and had two children. Even as a busy father he continued his passion building cars to help raise his family. Having kids taught Jim more life lessons than anything else he had done in his whole life. He coached little league teams, ran cross country, went on boy scouting adventures, and rode bicycles with his children until they were old enough to go out on their own.

During that time Jim worked closely with his good friend Howard Kormann for 25 years building cars and later met his mentor; Bob Holmes, who helped him start his own business and retire permanently from the collision industry. Jim has well over 40 years of experience building cars and trucks; to this day he still loves what he is doing. To see what Jim is currently working on or some of his past projects check out his picture gallery on this website!